Candidate Questionnaires


The following Candidate Questionnaires were emailed to each candidate beginning July 7th. The responses from the candidates will be posted as soon as they are received.

Charlotte Mayoral and City Council Candidates:

Mecklenburg County Towns Candidates:

  • Cornelius Mayoral:  Chuck Travis
  • Cornelius Board of CommissionersDenis P. Bilodeau, Jim Duke, Dave Gilroy, Michael F. Miltich, Thurman Ross, Woody Washam Jr.
  • Davidson Mayoral:  John M. Woods
  • Davidson Board of Commissioners:  Stacey Anderson, Michael V. Angell, Beth Cashion, Jim Fuller, Rodney Graham, Brian Jenest
  • Huntersville MayoralJohn Aneralla, Jill Swain
  • Huntersville Board of CommissionersMelinda Bales, Dan Boone, Phil Carey, Sharon Eskridge, Mark Gibbons, Charles S. Guignard, Rob Kidwell, Sarah R. McAulay, Jeff Neely, Danny Phillips, Toni Primiano, Leonard Richardson III, Nick Walsh
  • Matthews Mayoral:  Robert Guy Powell III, Jim Taylor
  • Matthews Board of Commissioners:  John Higdon, Gina Hoover, Chris Melton, Jeff A. Miller, John Ross, Nobie Thrasher, John Urban, Larry Whitley
  • Mint Hill Mayoral:  Ted Biggers
  • Mint Hill Board of Commissioners:  Lloyd D. Austin, Dale Dalton, Mickey Ellington, Harry Marsh, Alan McKenzie, Richard (Fig) Newton, Tina Weaver Ross, James Stapleton
  • Pineville Mayoral:  Jack Edwards
  • Pineville Town Council:  Deborah B. Fowler, Les Gladden, John Harless, Chris McDonough, Jonathan James Rutkowski, David Phillips, Julianna Tinklenberg, Juliet Van Dyke

Iredell County Towns Candidates:

  • Mooresville Mayoral:  Miles Atkins, C. J. Zethof
  • Mooresville Board of Commissioners At-Large: Bobby Compton
  • Mooresville Board of Commissioners Ward 1:  Eddie Dingler
  • Mooresville Board of Commissioners Ward 2: Thurman Houston
  • Statesville City Council Ward 1:  Mark Kleinhenz, Roy C. West
  • Statesville City Council Ward 4:  Karen A. Keaton, Michael Johnson, Jamil S. Mauney
  • Statesville City Council Ward 6: Frederick F. Foster, Keith Williams
  • Troutman Mayoral:  Elbert H. Richardson, Duck Wyatt
  • Troutman Coucilman:  Judy Jablonski, John Larew, Giovanni Pellegrino, Brian E. Schafer, Jim Troutman

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