Charlotte Home Builder Appointed to State Sedimentation Control Commission

Charlotte builder and developer Karla Hammer Knotts, a longtime member of the REBIC Board of Governors, was recently appointed by Governor Pat McCrory to represent the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) on the state Sedimentation Control Commission.

The Sedimentation Control Commission (SCC) is charged with adopting rules, setting standards, and providing guidance for the implementation of North Carolina’s Sedimentation Control Program. The composition of the Commission is set by state law to encompass a broad range of perspectives and expertise in areas related to construction, industry, government, and natural resource conservation and quality. All members are appointed by the Governor and serve three-year terms, except for the Director of the Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina.

Karla is co-owner of Knotts Development Resources and Knotts Builders, a single-family home building and land development company operating in the Charlotte area. In addition to serving as REBIC’s Chair in 1997, she also served as our Interim Director in 2008 and 2011. She is a past president of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte (HBAC) and a longtime member of the NCHBA Land Development Committee.

Karla has both the expertise and the experience to represent the development industry on the SCC. We congratulate her on her appointment and thank her for her willingness to serve!

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