Legislation Introduced in General Assembly to Prohibit Local Residential Design Controls

A pair of bills introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly would restrict the ability of local governments to place costly architectural and aesthetic design requirements on residential construction.

H 36, “Zoning / Design & Aesthetic Controls,” and its companion bill, S 25 are both identical to H 150, which passed the House in 2013, and would rein in cities and towns that have been exceeding their statutory authority by regulating the architectural design of new single-family homes and townhomes.

The House version is sponsored by Representatives Bill Brawley (R-Matthews), Nelson Dollar (R-Cary), Jonathan Jordan (R-Jefferson) and Rick Glazier (D-Fayetteville). The Senate version is sponsored by Jeff Tarte (R-Cornelius), Rick Gunn (R-Burlington), and Tom Apodaca (R-Hendersonville), the chair of the powerful Senate Rules committee.

Both bills would exempt structures built in designated historic districts, and those where design requirements are related to building safety or the National Flood Insurance Program.

REBIC supports the legislation, and will be working with the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) to ensure its passage by both chambers of the General Assembly.

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