House Committee Passes Building Code Reform Bill

The House Regulatory Reform Committee today gave a favorable report to HB 255, ‘Building Code Regulatory Reform’, and is expected to go to the House floor this week.

Sponsored by Representatives Mark Brody (Monroe) and Tricia Cotham (Matthews), among others, the bill would eliminates plan review for single-family residential construction; clarifiy the definition of official misconduct for code officials; and require that the NC Department of Insurance to post any formal interpretations within 3 business days. It would also help clarify past legislation, HB 120, ‘Building Codes/Local Consistency’, from the 2013 session, which defined required residential inspections.

Additionally, the bill specifies that inspections be performed in a full and timely manner and inspection reports must include all items failing to meet the code requirements.

The bill is supported by the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA). A companion bill, SB 324, awaits action in the Senate.

You can listen in on the committee hearing on the NCGA website, by clicking on the audio link for Room 544.

Source: NCHBA

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