General Assembly Sends Regulatory Reform Bill to Governor

The North Carolina General Assembly last week passed and sent to Governor McCrory a Regulatory Reform bill with a number of positive provisions for the development industry. Supported by the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA), HB 44 (Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015) includes the following: Continue reading

State Budget Signed into Law as General Assembly Begins to Wind Down

The state budget that Governor McCrory signed into law last week is as notable for what it does NOT include as for what it does.

After weeks of speculation over provisions dealing with sales tax redistribution, economic development incentives and regulatory reform, the final product that finally emerged from a House-Senate conference committee is a surprisingly balanced spending plan with a number of big wins for Charlotte’s business and real estate communities. Here are some of the highlights: Continue reading

Mecklenburg County Seeks to Assist Customers in Managing Permit Holds

For anyone building in Mecklenburg County, negotiating the removal of Permit Holds can be one of the biggest frustrations in the long and complicated permitting and inspection process. You’re coming to the finish line on a project and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a hold is placed on your permit without any details of who was responsible and how you can get it released. Sound familiar?

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State Insurance Commissioner Meets with REBIC to Discuss Property Insurance, Building Code Issues

Wayne GoodwinMembers of the REBIC Board of Governors and Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association Board of Directors recently had the opportunity to meet with North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, who came to town to discuss his efforts to reform the property insurance rate making process and hear from local builders about their frustration with how the state building code was being implemented in Mecklenburg County.

The Commissioner also announced plans the Department of Insurance has to open a new regional office in Charlotte early next month. The office will be located at 301 South McDowell Street, on the 7th floor, and an Open House is planned for sometime in October. Continue reading

Our Take: Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Not a Solution to Racial Isolation

The following opinion piece ran in the Charlotte Observer on Thursday, September 10th, in response to an earlier column by Eric Frazier asking whether City Council had the courage to adopt an Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance:

Eric Frazier’s column challenges the Charlotte City Council to show the “political courage” to join the governments of Davidson and Chapel Hill in adopting an ordinance that would require housing developers to include affordable units in all new neighborhoods and apartment communities. But Charlotte’s affordable housing challenge doesn’t require courage – it requires wisdom, and an understanding of what is, and is NOT permitted under state law.

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REBIC & Realtor® Leadership Meets with Senator Thom Tillis on Real Estate Issues

Chris Thomas (Childress Klein Properties), Paisley Gordon (Real Estate), Joe Padilla (REBIC), Allison Royal-Combs (Keller-Williams) and Joe Rempson (T.R. Lawing Realty) meet with U.S. Senator Thom Tillis in his Charlotte office.

Chris Thomas (Childress-Klein Properties), Paisley Gordon (CPG Construction), Joe Padilla (REBIC), Alison Royal-Combs (Keller-Williams) and Joe Rempson (T.R. Lawing Realty) meet with U.S. Senator Thom Tillis in his Charlotte office.

Board members from REBIC and the Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association met this week in Charlotte with United States Senator Thom Tillis, to discuss issues ranging from environmental regulation and patent reform to infrastructure funding and immigration. Continue reading