Charlotte Considering Changes to Rental Registration Ordinance

As a result of legislation passed during the General Assembly’s most recent legislative session, the City of Charlotte is considering making changes to its Residential Rental Registration and Remedial Action Program.  The new law does several things:

  • regulates rental registration programs and ordinances throughout the state;
  • prohibits mandatory rental property registration and criminal penalties for violations;
  • allows local governments to force property owners to register when their properties fall within the top 10% of of all properties where crimes occur; and
  • allows civil penalties to be imposed.

Yesterday several recommendations were offered in a presentation made to members of the Community Safety Committee.  Those changes included:

  • conforming the ordinance to only require registration when the risk threshold is met and
  • eliminate criminal penalties and replace them with civil penalties of $50 per occurrence.

A stakeholder meeting is in the process of being organized and will likely occur at the end of November.  The Charlotte City Council will then vote on any changes during its December 14th meeting.  You can view the proposed changes that are being considered here.



One Response

  1. One thing that should be discussed is having escalating civil penalties for same property addresses, especially if the same tenant(s) are involved.

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