SWAC to Consider Hearing Process Changes

During yesterday’s meeting of the Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC), Assistant City Attorney Thomas Powers provided the group with a presentation containing several recommendations aimed at shortening the length of future hearings.  His proposal included:

  • eliminating opening and closing statements as they tend to become redundant, and
  • requiring the submittal of a pre-hearing memo and/or power point presentation from the parties that outlines their respective positions on the issue at hand.

Members of the SWAC seemed to react positively to the recommendations, and as a result, staff will work to formalize them so they may be further discussed and potentially adopted at the next meeting which is scheduled for December 15th in the Hal Marshall Conference Room, 2145 Suttle Avenue, in Charlotte.  If we are able to obtain an advance copy prior to the next meeting we will include it in a future blog post.

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